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Writer's Block: Our Companies Life Changes
orange county pond supplies, orange county aquarium supplies
What change have you made in your life that you're most proud of?

Orange County Aquarium Supplies has Gone Green!


2009-04-25 05:16 am (UTC)

Our Green Values - Now, and in the Future!

OCReef is a carbon neutral company with deep rooted green values - read more:

OCReef views exercising green values as an ongoing journey and not a destination. As a company, we are never satisfied with the "status quo", and this applies to our green values as well. We hope that what we do as a company, will influence hobbyists and other pet related companies, to look at this ever-changing fragile planet differently.

Currently, this is what we're doing toward "Going Green":

Member of Ocean Conservationists:
Considered as the lungs of the planet, coral reefs are vital ecosystems to oceans, as the tropical forest is for the earth. OCReef donates a portion of proceeds from every sale made from our online store to this cause (another great reason to shop our webstore for all your home aquarium & pond needs). These donations also fund programs helping to teach communities about green policies.

Aggressive Recycling Program:
We recycle all of our cardboard, paper and plastics. We also use recycled materials for all company stationery, including advertisements, invoices and shipping boxes.

Non-use of Synthetic Carpeting:
Carpeting has been a major contributor to land fill overflow, and air pollution from manufacturing. OCReef uses no petrochemical based carpeting in our office or warehouse. Materials used are renewable, including bamboo and stone.

Solar / Geothermal:
OCReef plans to fully convert to energy sources such as solar and/or geothermal, within the next 5 years. Our ultimate goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 50%. And in turn, teach and help others in our industry. Solar energy will ultimately lower energy emissions needed to power equipment, such as Metal Halide Fixtures in aquaculture facilities.

We will keep you updated on our "greening" progress!

Thank you from the Orange County Aquarium Team. : )

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